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31 Days of Hopes and Aspirations for the Future of Breast Cancer

What gives you hope about the future of breast cancer? During October, join us in spreading some encouraging video messages from clinicians, researchers, caregivers, and patients.


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DAY 4: Dr. Mike

From a physician perspective, Dr. Mike shares his knowledge of new technologies available today and on the horizon.

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New hybrid modality of Opto-Acoustic/Ultrasound (OA/US) reveals the telltale signs of cancer with a painless, non-invasive scan to help diagnose breast cancer and reduce unnecessary biopsies.

Nationwide demo tour

Get a live demo at your facility as the Imagio® OA/US Roadshow crosses the country. Click here for latest updates and request a stop.

Pioneered by Seno Medical, Opto-Acoustic/Ultrasound (OA/US) shines a new light on breast cancer diagnostics, enabling a real-time assessment to differentiate malignant from benign breast tissue.

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Reduce benign biopsies

Save patients the delay and worry of biopsy results with a single scan.

How It Works

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Immediate, visual results

See the functional and anatomic features of questionable breast tissue.

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Diagnostic confidence

OA/US detects tumors as small as 3mm, identifying telltale signs of cancer.

Clinical Insights

The technology behind the Imagio® Breast Imaging System

Seno Medical AI Decision

AI and Decision Support

AI and machine learning power an easy-to-use interface for reading results and objectively assign reference keys and translate imaging into diagnostic scales

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Seno Medical Color Imaging

Color Imaging

Six separate images reveal the functional and anatomic features of breast tissue and immediately display features that differentiate tumor neoangiogenesis

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How Seno's Technology Works

Seno’s opto-acoustic technology combines both laser optics and conventional ultrasound technology to provide fused functional and anatomical breast imaging in real time. The result is a diagnostic imaging tool that delivers additional functional information regarding suspicious breast masses and potentially increases confidence regarding the need for breast cancer diagnostic biopsies.

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Newest version of Imagio® Breast Imaging System receives FDA approval and ready for delivery

Talk to a Seno Medical sales rep for more information about the latest technological advancements and how you can bring the novel combination of state-of-the-art ultrasound and groundbreaking opto-acoustic technology to your facility.