SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS February, 2008Seno Medical Instruments, Inc., a San Antonio company engaged in the development of medical devices announces the appointment of Patricia E. Sacks, M.D. to its Scientific Advisory Committee. Dr. Sacks, a breast-imaging radiologist who has been in practice for more than 30 years, now joins an elite group of professionals and medical specialists who are dedicated to the early detection of cancer.

Seno Medical Instruments, Inc. was formed in 2005 to commercialize a new modality in cancer screening and diagnosis: opto-acoustic imaging. To further the development of this potentially life-saving technology, the corporation is assembling a team of experts in the field of breast cancer detection, product application and protocol design. Dr. Sacks joins an elite group on the board including, Dr. Lester Crawford former Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner at the Food and Drug Administration, Robert L. Kramer, M.D., founding member of the Susan G. Komen Advisory Board and Charles Coltman, M.D., President Emeritus of San Antonio’s Cancer Therapy and Research Center on the committee. Also on Seno Medical’s Scientific Advisory Committee is John W. Holaday, Ph.D., formerly listed among the 500 most cited scientists in the world by the Science Citation Index.

“Our Seno family is privileged to have the addition of Dr. Sacks on our Scientific Advisory Committee,” said Janet Campbell, Seno Medical CEO. “Dr. Sacks brings to the table vast experience in patient care and a depth of scientific knowledge.”

Dr. Sacks is currently the Medical Director of the Vasek and Anna Maria Polak Breast Center at Torrance Memorial Medical Center, which serves as one of the largest, and most successful breast cancer care centers in Southern California. As a founder of the first dedicated breast center in the southern region of Los Angeles, Dr. Sacks has become a premiere speaker on breast cancer and her video on breast cancer care as a team approach won a National Communicator Award. Dr. Sacks received her Bachelors Degree from Skidmore College and her M.D. from Tufts University in Boston. She then completed her radiology residency at USC Medical Center in Los Angeles.


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