SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS June 18, 2008Seno Medical Instruments, Inc., a San Antonio company engaged in the development of opto-acoustics, the next generation cancer imaging technology, today announced the appointment of Thomas F. Budinger, M.D. to the company’s Scientific Advisory Committee.

“Tom’s participation as a member of Seno’s Scientific Advisory Committee will greatly enhance Seno’s knowledge of other imaging techniques and their capabilities,” said Janet Campbell, Chairman and CEO of Seno. “His extensive research background, scientific and engineering breakthroughs and expertise in functional imaging is an asset to our internationally recognized Scientific Advisory Committee.” With more than 40 years of academic and medical experience, Dr. Budinger joins an elite group of medical professionals on Seno’s Scientific Advisory Committee. Dr Budinger provides leadership for many organizations; he is the past president of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, past president of the Society for Molecular Imaging where he is currently an executive officer and a trustee for the Society of Nuclear Medicine.

“I am particularly excited and pleased that Tom Budinger has agreed to join us,” said Dr. Bob Kramer, Chairman of Seno’s Scientific Advisory Committee. “His CV reads like a medical encyclopedia, his areas of expertise are myriad, but his primary area of excellence is in the area of biomedical imaging.”

Dr. Budinger holds concurrent positions at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). At UCSF, he has been professor of radiology since 1984, and served as director of the Magnetic Resonance Science Center (1993-97). At UCB, he has held the Henry Miller Research Medicine Chair (1974-present) and he has been professor of bioinstrumentation, electrical engineering, and computer sciences since 1976. In 2004 he completed a six-year appointment as founding chair of the department of bioengineering at Berkeley. Dr. Budinger holds leadership positions at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory including: Head, Research Medicine Group (1976-1986): LBNL Medical Research Division Director (1986-1992), Head, Center for Functional Imaging (1992-2007), and Faculty Senior Staff Scientist (1986-present).

Dr. Budinger has authored over 370 research papers and book chapters. His science and engineering contributions include discovery of the cosmic particle mechanisms for light flashes seen by astronauts; determination of ice detection limitations of radar; development of quantitative single photon emission tomography and high resolution dynamic positron emission tomography; safe limits of human exposure to static and switched magnetic fields; and the development of wireless tracking and sensing systems. In recognition of his work, he received The Berkeley Citation National Institute of Health’s Merit Award-Alzheimer’s Research; Distinguished Scientist Silver Medal Award from the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine; Georg Charles de Hevesy Nuclear Pioneer Award and Paul C. Aebersold Basic Science Award from the Society of Nuclear Medicine, and the Ernst Jung Preis fur Medizin, Jung-Stiftung fur Wissenschaft und Forschung, Germany.

Seno Medical Instruments, Inc. is a San Antonio based medical device developer focused on the early detection of cancer thru the use of its patented opto-acoustic technology. Opto-acoustic imaging combines light and sound to produce high-resolution, high-contrast images to indicate the presence of increased blood supply and vascular structure that surround and feed a tumor. To learn more about Seno Medical’s opto-acoustic imaging development and applications, visit


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