SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – December 8, 2008 – Seno Medical Instruments, Inc., today announced the appointment of William F. Keane, M.D. as its Chief Medical Officer.
San Antonio, TX – SENO Medical Instruments, Inc. a San Antonio company engaged in the development of a next-generation, opto-acoustic cancer platform technology, today announced the appointment of William F. Keane, M.D. as its Chief Medical Officer. In this capacity Dr. Keane will focus on the clinical utilization of SENO’s opto-acoustic imaging technology, moving the technology through clinical studies for use in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Dr Keane joins SENO after a distinguished career in the pharmaceutical world. Prior to joining SENO he was Chief Medical Officer at Reliant Pharmaceuticals, which was acquired by GlaxoSmithKline Inc., where he provided for the integration of the two organizations’ scientific and medical endeavors. He has served as Vice President of US Medical and Scientific Affairs (now called External Medical and Scientific Affairs EMSA) at Merck, Inc. and served as Chairman of the Department of Medicine, Hennepin Medical Center, at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

During her announcement, Janet Campbell, Chairman and CEO of Seno Medical, praised Dr. Keane saying, “His ability as a medical doctor to understand the pharmaceutical and therapeutic aspects of our products, coupled with his experience of working with Contract Research Organizations, and his knowledge of the FDA and the process involved in moving a product through development and testing and ultimately to the patient is invaluable to SENO. We are fortunate to have Dr. Keane join our team and his addition to our team increases the capabilities of our core management exponentially.”

Dr. Keane will begin his responsibilities with Seno in the oversight of Seno’s clinical studies that will begin at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio and the CTRC this month. In addition he will assume responsibility for the critical oversight of pivotal trials that will be initiated in 2009. “I am excited to take on the role of Chief Medical Officer at SENO and to join the senior management team of this growing and dynamic company” says Dr. Keane. “SENO has made significant inroads in creating a technology to more accurately and efficiently diagnosis breast cancer. I believe their technology could have broad applications and represents a substantive advance over current imaging options. As Chief Medical Officer, I intend to direct all research and development activities to make the case for FDA approval of the device. I will also explore broader applications for the product, and bring this exciting technology to the market safely and efficiently.”


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