SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – January 22, 2009 – Seno Medical Instruments, Inc., today announced the appointment of Walter Robb (PhD) to its Scientific Advisory Committee.

San Antonio, TX – SENO Medical Instruments, Inc. a San Antonio company engaged in the development of a next-generation, opto-acoustic cancer platform technology, today announced the appointment of Walter Robb (PhD) to its Scientific Advisory Committee. Dr. Robb headed GE Medical Systems from 1973-1986, building it into the world’s’ leading producer of medical diagnostic imaging equipment. He retired from General Electric Company as senior vice president and head of the GE Research and Development Center in Niskayuna, New York in 1993.

Since his retirement from GE, Dr. Robb, a legend in New York’s Capital Region, has become known for his investment in and board work for a number of established and emerging companies, including his new appointment to the SENO Medical Scientific Advisory Committee. “His business experience coupled with his reputation on Jack Welch’s senior team makes him a perfect fit for SENO,” said Janet Campbell, Chairman and CEO of Seno Medical. “We are thrilled to have Walter Robb, the man who helped develop GE’s CT scanner, a technology that has drastically changed the medical business be a part of our team. SENO’s technology has the potential to have a similar disruptive impact on the medical community and we are very happy to have the guidance of this medical imaging technology giant. Dr. Robb’s appointment and that of our new Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Bill Keane, provide Seno with tremendous insight.”

Walter Robb is a graduate of Penn State University. In 1993 Dr. Robb received the National Medal of Technology-the nation’s highest technology honor- from President Clinton for “his leadership in the development of medical diagnostic systems that have improved people’s health and maintained U. S. global competitiveness.” He holds 12 patents and has won numerous awards and recognition including being named the winner of the first ever NEMA Medical Technology Award and the Bernard H. Falk Award for his contributions to medical device imaging.

“This is a pivotal moment in time for SENO,” said Dr. Robb, and I am happy to lend my guidance in the field of imaging. I look forward to working with Janet and her team to further the development of this powerful new imaging platform technology”

SENO’s clinical opto-acoustic imaging technology has the capability to become the new standard for the industry in cancer detection and diagnoses. Opto-acoustics provides high-resolution and high-contrast in real-time, uniquely offering the only blood map in the world for the detection of cancer.

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