SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – March 11, 2009 – Seno Medical Instruments, Inc. a San Antonio-based company engaged in the development of a next-generation, opto-acoustic cancer platform technology, today announced it has received the 2009 North American Medical Imaging Emerging Company of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan.

The Award recognizes Seno Medical Instruments pioneering and industry-changing pre-clinical opto-acoustic imaging technology, its first product that was commercialized. Seno’s management team will be receiving this award March 18th in San Francisco.

In making the selection of Seno Medical Instruments as the recipient of the Emerging Company of the Year Award, representatives from Frost & Sullivan wrote in its Award review, “ Seno Medical Instruments, Inc. has favorably positioned itself to be an emerging technology provider whose products will help shape the future role of functional imaging and cancer diagnostics. The company continues to strive towards developing a flexible clinical platform technology that has the potential to significantly improve the continuum of care within a broad set of clinical segments including cardiovascular and oncology. Based on these factors, Seno Medical is proudly presented with the 2009 Frost & Sullivan Emerging Company of the Year Award in the North American Medical Imaging Industry.”

A coveted prize in industry circles and considered a major achievement, the Frost & Sullivan Award is based on a number of factors, including product development, brand strategy, the creation of “buzz” from potential investors and customers, and strategic hiring and board appointments. The Frost & Sullivan Award-recognized company must demonstrate sound decision-making and outstanding creativity on all business fronts in order to be recognized.

“We are gratified to have this important recognition bestowed on our company,” said Janet Campbell, Chairman and CEO of Seno. “This public acknowledgement from such a recognized institution as Frost & Sullivan in the medical industry is further validation of the value of our platform technology, our management team, and the future of Seno and its products. “We are honored to receive this prestigious Award.”

Frost & Sullivan presents the Award for Emerging Company each year to organizations that display world class performance in their industry. In order to qualify, companies are asked to demonstrate outstanding management, superior market growth, exceptional customer service and the ability to combine technology and successful strategic initiatives. In the Award presentation Frost & Sullivan said Seno Medical Instruments distinguished itself in 2008 as the only company to commercially offer an opto-acoustic imaging device for preclinical imaging. This achievement, along with the establishment of research partnerships and licensing agreements with notable market participants and research centers (such as Yale, MIT, NIH, and NCI) — hallmarks the company’s impressive rapid advancement since its inception in 2005.

“Highlighting the outstanding progress Seno Medical exhibited in 2008 was the company’s assembling of a talented senior management team with the experience and vision needed to drive growth and financial success in the company’s future,” said Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Travis Chong. “The company is expected to leverage its collected expertise as it explores potential growth engines in 2009 including various clinical applications within cardiology and oncology.”

Since Q3 2008 Seno Medical Instruments has announced an exclusive licensing agreement with the world leader in high frequency ultrasound VisualSonics for the rights to Seno’s opto-acoustic small animal imaging (preclinical) technology; the hire of a new Chief Medical Officer, Dr. William Keane; the appointment of imaging pioneer, Dr. Walter Robb to their Scientific Advisory Committee; and the initiation of clinical studies for their breast application at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio and the CTRC. “Over the past six months we have accomplished a great deal and achieved important goals,” said CEO Campbell. “I am proud to add to our list of scientific and management accomplishments, this important award from Frost & Sullivan. This is a tremendous recognition of achievement for Seno Medical and for cancer researchers. We look forward to further development of our platform opto-acoustic technology products in 2009.”

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