SAN ANTONIO, August 1 , 2016 – Seno Medical Instruments, Inc., the leader in improving the process of diagnosing breast cancer through the development of an opto-acoustic (OA) imaging device, today announced the appointment of Tammy Garcia as Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  Ms. Garcia previously served as the General Manager, Breast Imaging for GE Healthcare.  Ms. Garcia brings more than 25 years of commercial and marketing leadership in medical devices and diagnostic imaging with a significant part of her passion and career focused on women’s health and improving cancer detection.

“Tammy’s track record of success in commercializing new technologies will be invaluable as we move closer to bringing the Imagio™ breast imaging system to market,” said Tom Umbel, CEO of Seno Medical.    “We are very excited for Tammy to join our company as we prepare to launch our products in Europe early in 2017.”

During her 13-year tenure at GE Healthcare, Ms. Garcia held several leadership roles where she established commercial teams focused on double-digit growth in Orthopedics and Breast Imaging.  Additionally, Ms. Garcia led the sales and marketing efforts in the launches of disruptive technologies with MAKO Surgical, an orthopedic robotic device and implant company, and InSightec, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guided focused ultrasound non-invasive surgical therapy company.  Ms. Garcia has an MBA from University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ.

“I am thrilled to be joining the Seno Medical family–the creators of the revolutionary Imagio™ breast imaging system,” said Ms. Garcia.  “The Imagio™ opto-acoustic technology fuses functional and anatomical information real time, with the ultimate goal of improving the accuracy of cancer diagnosis non-invasively.  This novel technology has the potential to give clinicians another tool in their arsenal to analyze a breast lesion, co-registering the functional/metabolic information with sonographic images.  We believe this will provide the radiologist with more confidence to rule out malignancy without exposing patients to additional radiation.  I can’t wait to further expand this technology in Europe and eventually introduce this technology to patients and clinicians in the United States.”

The Imagio™ OA breast imaging system was designed to facilitate the identification of the two functional hallmarks of cancer: the presence of abnormal blood vessels (tumor angiogenesis) and the relative reduction in oxygen content of blood that occurs in cancer compared to benign masses and normal tissues.  The technology used by the Imagio™ system is non-invasive and does not require patient exposure to contrast agents, ionizing radiation (x-ray) or radio-isotopes, which are required for other modalities that are capable of functional imaging, including MRI or positron emission tomography (PET).

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