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New hybrid modality of Opto-Acoustic/Ultrasound (OA/US) reveals the telltale signs of cancer with a painless, non-invasive scan to help diagnose breast cancer and reduce unnecessary biopsies.

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Pioneered by Seno Medical, Opto-Acoustic/Ultrasound (OA/US) shines a new light on breast cancer diagnostics, enabling a real-time assessment to differentiate malignant from benign breast tissue.

Seno Medical Biopsie

Reduce benign biopsies

Save patients the delay and worry of biopsy results with a single scan.

How It Works

Seno Medical Biopsie

Immediate, visual results

See the functional and anatomic features of questionable breast tissue.

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Seno Medical Biopsie

Diagnostic confidence

OA/US detects tumors as small as 3mm, identifying telltale signs of cancer.

Clinical Insights

The technology behind the Imagio® Breast Imaging System

Seno Medical AI Decision

AI and Decision Support

AI and machine learning power an easy-to-use interface for reading results and objectively assign reference keys and translate imaging into diagnostic scales

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Seno Medical Color Imaging

Color Imaging

Six separate images reveal the functional and anatomic features of breast tissue and immediately display features that differentiate tumor neoangiogenesis

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How Seno's Technology Works

Seno’s opto-acoustic technology combines both laser optics and conventional ultrasound technology to provide fused functional and anatomical breast imaging in real time. The result is a diagnostic imaging tool that delivers additional functional information regarding suspicious breast masses and potentially increases confidence regarding the need for breast cancer diagnostic biopsies.

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Newest version of Imagio® Breast Imaging System receives FDA approval and ready for delivery

Talk to a Seno Medical sales rep for more information about the latest technological advancements and how you can bring the novel combination of state-of-the-art ultrasound and groundbreaking opto-acoustic technology to your facility.