Introducing the Imagio® Breast Imaging System
The next evolution of breast cancer diagnostics

Simplifying the complexity of diagnosing cancer

Despite the rapid advancement in breast imaging modalities, the current clinical pathway is inefficient, resulting in multiple procedures, inconclusive results, and a negative patient experience.

Imagio® represents the first real alternative to this complexity by providing diagnostic confidence earlier in the care pathway.

We all want faster answers for patients.
No one ever wants to miss a cancer.
Imagio® offers a new diagnostic pathway with less financial and emotional burdens to the women who need it most.

Meet a new imaging modality

Imagio® uses non-invasive laser light and sound to display real-time images of functional and anatomic features that differentiate malignant tissue. Combined with our proprietary SenoGram® AI decision support, radiologists can classify the likelihood of malignancy with more precision and accuracy.

imagio oa us breast imaging system device
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Benefits for:

Radiologists Radiologists Radiologists


  • Earlier diagnosis of malignancy
  • Confidence that you’re not missing a cancer
  • Down-classifying BI-RADS on baseline
Staff Staff Staff


  • Greater practice efficiency from fewer diagnostic workups
  • Clinical decision support at point-of-care
  • Reduces scheduling overload
Patients Patients Patients


  • Reduced stress, worry, and wait-times
  • Reduces negative biopsies
  • Non-invasive and no ionizing radiation
Healthcare Systems Healthcare Systems Healthcare Systems

Healthcare Systems

  • Less stress on overburdened staff
  • Reduced patient wait times
  • Improved profitability

A simple transition

Incorporating Imagio® into your workflow is similar to how you implemented tomosynthesis into your practice and includes training from one of the world’s leading breast ultrasound instructors.

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A relief for patients

Studies show that the stress of waiting for biopsy results is indistinguishable from the same stress felt by patients actually diagnosed with cancer.

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Our nationwide roadshow can bring Imagio® to your facility or you can start the conversation with a Seno rep today to get more details.


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