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Seno Cares

Seno employees are active community volunteers.

They are donating their time and resources to helping not only the breast cancer community, but those in need at large.

Some of these activities are highlighted below.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Seno employees come out in force every October to volunteer their time and raise money for research. Through several community initiatives and an employee awareness day last year we all moved closer to our goal of improving early detection for breast cancer.

We are looking forward to more activity this October!

Organizations We Support

Know Your Lemons

Breast cancer awareness and education, with a twist of lemon.

Susan G. Koman

Our vision is a world without breast cancer. Learn how you can help.

Borstkanker (The Netherlands)

The National Breast Cancer Association of The Netherlands (BVN).

Making it Personal

In 2018, Seno Medical launched an initiative to match individual employees to people within the community who have been impacted by breast cancer. The overall objective of the program is for Seno employees to better understand and appreciate a woman’s journey from screening to diagnosis. The program was featured in early December 2018 on a local San Antonio news station.