Welcome to the Seno Medical Clinical Trials page where you will find information on studies sponsored by Seno Medical Instruments and registered on www.clinicaltrials.gov.

Seno’s goal is to bring functional imaging that can detect the development of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) to the marketplace as an indicator of potential cancerous concern. Clinical trials are an essential component of our research and the evolution of our products being commercially available for patient use.

You can learn more about these studies below or by going to the respective study record page on ClinicalTrials.gov.

Clinical Trial Overview with Dr. Linver

Completed Clinical Trials and Studies

Imaging with opto-acoustics to downgrade BI-RADS classification relative to other diagnostic methodologies. (MAESTRO)

Imagio® breast imaging system is an opto-acoustic (OA) imaging system designed to concurrently collect images in conjunction with diagnostic ultrasound (co-registered OA and B-mode imaging). This medical device has CE-marking and is approved for use in Europe and other nations.

PIONEER Pivotal study of the Imagio® breast imaging system.

Imagio® is a multi-modality device comprised of opto-acoustic (OA) imaging co-registered with diagnostic gray-scale (B mode) ultrasound that has been designed to concurrently collect OA images in conjunction with diagnostic gray-scale (B-mode) ultrasound.

A clinical trial to investigate a non-invasive imaging system that has the potential to help doctors more effectively determine which patients need biopsies has been completed. The results should be released mid-2017.

Read more about this trial in our patient pamphlet.