Alex Hamlow Joins Seno Medical as Chief Revenue Officer

[SAN ANTONIO, TX – SEPTEMBER 22, 2023] Alex Hamlow has joined Seno Medical Instruments, Inc. as Chief Revenue Officer.  Seno Medical is the leader in improving the process of diagnosing breast cancer and the pioneer of the Imagio® Breast Imaging System with opto-acoustic/ultrasound (OA/US) imaging technology. 

Hamlow has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare space developing and implementing customer-centric vision, strategy, processes, and systems for commercial growth. He joins Seno after serving as President of A. Hamlow Servant Leadership (AHSL), an advisory consultancy and new venture incubator where he worked with early-stage start-up and Fortune 100 companies to plan and implement strategies for growth. Prior to that, he served as Chief Commercial Officer at Kheiron Medical Technologies Limited, a start-up focused on AI breast cancer detection software, where he built the commercial program, launched the first platform of products, and closed $20 million in deals to scale the business globally. 

He holds a BS in Electronic Engineering from DeVry University and serves on the board of the Candi Hamlow Foundation, a healthcare foundation in honor of his late wife supporting education and care pathway guidance for women diagnosed with cancer who also suffer from underlying autoimmune disorders. 

“Alex’s experience scaling businesses and cementing global growth is a perfect fit for Seno Medical,” said Tom Umbel, CEO of Seno Medical. “His background in AI technologies in breast cancer will also help us position our Imagio® Breast Imaging System and accompanying SenoGram® technology to our best advantage.” 

“Seno’s OA/US technology, in combination with its AI capabilities, has great potential as a new imaging modality to improve breast cancer diagnosis and reduce false positives,” commented Hamlow. “I am thrilled to be part of the team and look forward to helping grow Seno into a global powerhouse.”

Seno’s Imagio® OA/US system combines laser optics and grayscale ultrasound to provide fused functional, morphological, and anatomical breast imaging. The optoacoustic images provide a unique blood map in and around breast masses, while the ultrasound provides a traditional anatomical image. Through the appearance or absence of two hallmark indicators of cancer — angiogenesis and hypoxia — Seno Medical has shown that the Imagio® OA/US Breast Imaging System will be a more effective tool to help radiologists confirm or rule out malignancy compared with traditional diagnostic imaging modalities. And it does this without exposing patients to potentially harmful ionizing radiation (X-rays) or contrast agents. In addition to the novel imaging provided by the Imagio® System, Seno includes an AI decision-support tool (SenoGram®) to help physicians interpret the new images. This AI tool, along with training and certification, helps radiologists transition from ultrasound alone to OA/US imaging to more precisely assign the likelihood of malignancy. 

The Imagio® System was cleared by the US FDA in 2021 and received Supplemental PMA Approval for its market-ready device in June 2022. The system is indicated for use by trained and qualified healthcare providers to evaluate palpable and non-palpable breast abnormalities in adult patients who are referred for diagnostic imaging breast work-up following clinical presentation or other imaging examinations such as screening mammography. 

Seno Medical Instruments, Inc. is a San Antonio, Texas-based medical imaging company committed to developing and commercializing a new modality in cancer diagnosis: opto-acoustic imaging. Approved by the US FDA in January 2021 with additional approval in June 2022 including its state-of-the-art ultrasound technologies, Seno Medical’s Imagio® Breast Imaging System fuses opto-acoustic technology with ultrasound (OA/US) to generate real-time functional and anatomical images of the breast. To learn more about Seno Medical’s OA/US imaging technology and applications, visit