American Medical Association Issues New CPT Code for Use of Seno Medical’s Opto-acoustic Technology in Breast Cancer Diagnosis

CPT Code 0857T Enables a Pathway for Reimbursement When Using Seno’s Imagio® Breast Imaging System to Diagnose Breast Cancer.

[San Antonio, TX — February 13, 2024] The American Medical Association (AMA) has issued a new Category III Current Procedural Terminology (CPT*) code for the use of Imagio® (OA/US) Breast Imaging System, a new modality in breast cancer imaging and diagnosis by Seno Medical. The Category III code, 0857T (Under OptoAcoustic Imaging Procedures), issued late 2023 and effective January 1, 2024, provides physicians, facilities, and other qualified healthcare providers a means to seek coverage and reimbursement for utilizing opto-acoustic technology to diagnose breast cancer.

This new modality, Imagio® OA/US technology combines laser optics, sound, and artificial intelligence to offer functional and anatomical breast imaging. The opto-acoustic images provide a unique blood map in and around breast masses, while the ultrasound provides a traditional anatomical image. Through the appearance or absence of two hallmark indicators of cancer — angiogenesis and deoxygenation — the Imagio® OA/US Breast Imaging System is a more effective tool to help radiologists confirm or rule out malignancy compared with traditional diagnostic imaging modalities. And it does this without exposing patients to potentially harmful ionizing radiation (X-rays) or contrast agents.

Said Tom Umbel, CEO of Seno Medical, "This CPT code will enable hospitals and imaging centers using the Imagio® System to submit claims directly and incorporate opto-acoustic diagnostic imaging into their patient-care pathway.” Seno Medical is collaborating with The Pinnacle Health Group to provide coding and claims support within the breast imaging and diagnostics space for CPT 0857T code to enable precise and professional support for healthcare professionals and patients.

About Seno Medical

Seno Medical Instruments, Inc. is a San Antonio, Texas-based medical imaging company committed to developing and commercializing a new modality in cancer diagnosis: opto-acoustic imaging. Approved by the U.S. FDA in January 2021, with additional approval in June 2022 to include its latest state-of-the-art ultrasound technologies, Seno Medical’s Imagio® Breast Imaging System fuses opto-acoustic technology with ultrasound (OA/US) to generate real-time functional and anatomical images of the breast. The company was recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan with its 2023 Enabling Technology Leadership award for its innovative approach to diagnostic imaging. To learn more about Seno Medical’s OA/US imaging technology and applications, visit

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