Seno Medical Instruments, Inc. Elects Dr. Arturo Bonilla to Board of Directors

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS—April 18, 2007—Seno Medical Instruments, Inc., a San Antonio company engaged in the development of medical devices announces the election of J. Arturo Bonilla, M.D to its Board of Directors. Dr. Bonilla, a San Antonio surgeon well known for founding the Microtia-Congenital Ear Institute, will lend his business leadership skills to advance Seno Medical’s patented breast cancer diagnostic technology.

Seno Medical Instruments, Inc. was formed in 2005 to commercialize a new modality in cancer screening and diagnosis; opto-acoustic imaging. To further the development of this potentially life-saving technology, the corporation is assembling a team of experts in the field of breast cancer detection, product application and protocol design.

“Dr. Bonilla has been instrumental in securing support for this technology from esteemed members of the greater San Antonio medical community. As an entrepreneur with a successful record of investing, Dr. Bonilla proves to be an invaluable resource to Seno as we launch our innovative cancer diagnostic tools to market,” said Janet Campbell, Seno Medical CEO. “I feel very fortunate that Dr. Bonilla has agreed to join our Board of Directors.”

Dr. Bonilla says he is impressed by the company’s leadership and is encouraged by his fellow physicians” reactions to the technology. “When I saw the support from worldwide leading experts in medicine, especially radiology and oncology, I knew that we had something very special here,” said Bonilla. “The experience and integrity of this company and the hard work of all its staff has left me with no doubt this breakthrough technology will soon be commonplace. This in turn will save many lives.“

Dr. Bonilla is a pediatric ear, nose and throat surgeon based in San Antonio. Dr. Bonilla was also co-owner of the Pediatric Ear, Nose & Throat Institute of South Texas, and is one of only four such surgeons in South Texas. In addition to being the founder of the Microtia-Congenital Ear Institute, he has been featured in numerous media reports for his work in correcting birth defects of the ear. He has developed one of the largest individual ear reconstructive practices in the world. He is the co-founder and president of the Skin Concepts Laser Centers, a cosmetic hair and skin treatment center. Dr. Bonilla is also an investor and was a past member of the governing board of the Methodist Ambulatory Surgery Center at Stone Oak in San Antonio. He is also an investor and governing board member of the Physicians Ambulatory Surgery Centers, one of the largest physician-owned ambulatory surgery centers in the country. He is also a past member of the Medical School Interview Committee at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

Dr. Bonilla is a graduate of St. Mary’s University in San Antonio and received his medical degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. He completed his general surgery residency at Methodist Hospital in Dallas and his residency in otolaryngology at the State University of New York. He completed his pediatric ear, nose & throat surgery subspecialty training at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.